Rhyolite Publications

It is the focus of Rhyolite Press LLC to present Colorado writers, local and state history, the arts in its many iterations, and the rich culture of the Pikes Peak region.

January 2020
Short Rounds from a Sketch Pad
A Vietnam Vet’s Visual Voice
Carlin Kielcheski

July 2019
Notes Below the Staff
Herbert Beattie

June 2019
Cripple Creek, Bob Womack, and the Greatest Gold Camp on Earth
Linda Wommack

April 2019
There is No Such Thing as a Typical Librarian
Steven John Antonuccio

April 2019
John Dwaine McKenna

March 2019
The History of Men’s Soccer at Colorado College
Helen and Horst Richardson

January 2019
COLORADO SPRINGS  A Changing Landscape
Donald Kallaus & Angela Crews

September 2017
Prune Pie & Other Moving Stories A Second Helping
Victoria Ward

August 2017
Rackitty & Theodora Become Best Friends
Kim T. Myers/Gwyneth Flynn

January 2017
MODERN AT MIDCENTURY Ruhtenberg Revisited
Elaine Freed

January 2017
The Cold War of Kitty Pentecost
Alexander Blackburn

November 2015
Blue Gray Black My Service to Country
Don Cesare

September 2015
Suddenly a Mortal Splendor
Alexander Blackburn

September 2015
Prune Pie & Other Moving Stories
Victoria Ward

April 2015
Neversink Chronicles
John Dwaine McKenna

August 2012
The Whim-Wham Man
John Dwaine McKenna

November 2014
The Voice of the Children in the Apple Tree
Alexander Blackburn

July 2014
The Door of the Sad People
Alexander Blackburn

August 2013
Colorado Noir
John Dwaine McKenna

July 2013
The Boy Who Slept with Bears
George Douthit lll