Alexander Blackburn

Alexander Blackburn was born in Durham, N.C., where his father was a teacher of writers at Duke University; among his students were such literary luminaries as William Styron, Mac Hyman, Reynolds Price, Anne Tyler and William deBuys. Blackburn has published two novels, a collection of essays, a study of the picaresque novel in Spain, France, England, Germany and America, a major critical study of Nobel-nominated southwestern novelist-philosopher Frank Waters and an autobiographical / biographical memoir. He has also published two ground-breaking anthologies of western fiction writers. Completed are two more novels, one about Los Alamos, another patterned after Colorado coal mining wars – The Door of the Sad People.

Blackburn is a graduate from Phillips Academy Andover, Yale University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University of Cambridge, England (Ph.D. in English). He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife since 1975, Dr. Inés Dölz- Blackburn, Chilean- born author and professor of Spanish Language and Literature.


The Door of the Sad People is based upon the Colorado coal-mining wars which culminated in the Ludlow Massacre of 1914. The Door of the Sad People, focuses upon the lives of ordinary people –miners and their families, enslaved women, veterans of the Philippines War, tuberculosis victims –as viewed by “Tree,” a young westerner who has been violently banished from home after his father becomes entangled in the intrigues of a powerful New York financier. Part tragedy, part picaresque, “Sad People” explores the reality of working-class, mostly immigrant experiences as these come into conflict with the unrestrained powers of a ruling elite.

July 2014  ISBN# 9780989676342

$16.95  418 pages, softcover

The Voice of the Children in the Apple Tree is the love story of “Trinc” DeRoman, a nurse emancipated from the control of wealthy New England aristocrats, and Aeneas Caldwell, an atomic physicist who has risen out of poverty in the South and West. Trinc’s devotion to healing people, as when she nurses interned Japanese Americans, and Aeneas’s self-sacrificing repudiation of the atomic bomb he has helped to build in New Mexico in 1945 represent old-fashioned American rectitude and hopefulness sheltering us against a darkening storm of nativistic, nuclear, and planetary terror.

January 2015  ISBN# 9780989676328

$18.95  483 pages, softcover

The Cold War of Kitty Pentecost is set in the South in the 1960s, in the tradition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet―star-crossed lovers doomed by separation during World War ll, by the dread of nuclear annihilation, and by generations of burdensome racism.

January 2017  ISBN# 9781943829071

$19.95  300 pages, softcover

“There is in it an extreme and genuine romantic sensibility that is almost entirely missing in other contemporary writing. And Cold War reminds me – sadly – of how much we are missing now. There is in it discernibly the influence of Faulkner and even of Wolfe, but these voices are quite amiably absorbed. This is a tough, sweet, and classy book.” – Fred Chappell

Suddenly a Mortal Splendor is a beautiful, intelligent, and wonderfully crafted novel, a novel epic in its scope and landscape and imagination. What Alexander Blackburn has done here is nothing less than a miracle; in a time when contemporary novels are indistinguishable from daytime talks shows, he has given us a world resplendent with ideas and actions and blood and love and the land. This is an important book that will last.” — Bret Lott, novelist, story writer, author of the best-selling novel, Jewel, and formerly Director of The Southern Review

September 2015  ISBN# 9780989676366

$16.95  320 pages, softcover

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