By the year 1901, the Old West was just a memory and the new century only a promise. That’s when a Texas woman’s search for her missing brother draws the attention of a hard-boiled Texas Ranger who’s on the trail of a notorious outlaw and murderer. When they realize they’re both looking for the same man, Ella Stringfellow and Boyd Pirtle’s lives intersect as they uncover a conspiracy which impacts the whole nation. At the same time, Pirtle works to unravel and solve a twenty-year-old murder that has little evidence and few clues . . . a mystery which ultimately leads to a shattering confession and stunning conclusion . . . and only one of the three will still be alive to tell the tale.

April 2019

ISBN# 9781943829163

330 pages, soft cover



Award winning writer, John Dwaine McKenna, debuts UNFORSAKEN, his fourth book

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John Dwaine McKenna is the multiple award-winning author of The Neversink Chronicles, The Whim-Wham Man, and Colorado Noir. He’s a member of the Colorado Author’s League, and his newspaper column, Mysterious Book Report appears weekly in the Tri-Valley Townsman and online. He and his wife June are long-time residents of southern Colorado.

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Book Reviews

“Against the sweeping backdrop of the American West, a smart and satisfying tale of murder and conspiracy, replete with sharply drawn characters, terrific period details and an artist’s eye for landscape, Unforsaken is a wonderful addition to the literature of the West.”

Barbara Nickless, author of the award-winning Sydney Parnell series Blood on the Tracks, Dead Stop and Ambush

Unforsaken is a bullet, packed with gritty characters and explosive action, an exciting story line, and a cold hard look at humanity under pressure.”

Manuel Ramos, award-winning author of The Golden Havana Night

“John Dwaine McKenna’s Unforsaken is an evocative, well-written novel that does a fine job of capturing its Texas (and Colorado) setting a few years either side of the turn of the Twentieth Century. With its intriguing characters and dark mystery stretching back for decades, it’s a tale that lingers in the readers mind.”

James Reasoner, author of Dust Devils

Unforsaken grabs the reader by the heart from the opening pages. Eloquent prose, a riveting plot, and expertly detailed characters make this western adventure one for the record books.”

Claire Gem, author of Hearts Unloched

Unforsaken combines the last days of the Old West with political intrigue, a whodunit, and a roster of odd characters into an entertaining and fact-filled tale of heroism and retribution.”

Dick Kreck, author of Murder At The Brown Palace and Rich People Behaving Badly