A Viet Nam Vet’s Visual Voice

This is the life story of an artist, a professor, and an insightful military man. Carlin Kielcheski began his life in the deep woods of Wisconsin enjoying the freedom of horses, lakes, and strong people who often enjoyed solitude and space. His love of drawing, especially horses, led to a career in art. The Korean War forced him into ROTC and the U. S. Air Force, eventually becoming a full professor of art at the U.S. Air Force Academy. This man touched the lives of many warriors who passed through the Air Force Academy as students and fellow professors. He broadened their vision of creativity, beauty, and an appreciation for humanities’ better qualities.

The Air Force created for him a never-before position as the first Air Force combat artist to record the war from an Air Force perspective through the medium of art. He worked to tell the story of the struggles and hopes of military men and women performing many dangerous and challenging missions in a war zone.

This artwork, the content of this unique volume, is an invaluable contribution to the history of the heroic but ill-fated U.S. war in Vietnam.

316 pages, 30 chapters, 90 hand-drawn illustrations and maps